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Congratulations Lil Dragons!

 in Boulder - Tran's Martial Arts And Fitness Center

We are just so PROUD of our Lil Dragons for their performance at Belt Promotion!  Each and every child has a SPECIAL and unique story of PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT✨  To see the smiles and joy they get when they EARNED their belts today is why our TEAM work so hard daily to make Tran’s a special place for GROWTH.  Thank you to Kru, Ms. Lynn and Mr. Stahly for their constant and never ending POSITIVE ENERGY when teaching these kids🙏🏻.  Also thank you to the parents for your BELIEF in our program.  We are HUMBLED and HONORED to have the opportunity to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in these kids lives.  You are welcome to tag your kids if you are on this page.  - Master Tran/

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