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Review Strip Testing for Kids Martial Arts

Review Strip Testing for Kids Martial Arts

Attention all parents of children in our Kids Martial Arts classes:

Monday April 27th at 4:30pm sharp the kids will be doing their cumulative /review strip testing.  If you child is a red belt and above please have them here at 4pm ready of do their required run.  They must all have at least 8 Life Skills stripes to qualify for testing.  Make sure they practice their required Code of Ethics.  Please pay the testing fee of $25 when you drop your child off.  We should be done with the testing around 5:15pm.  If they pass the test then they will move on to the BELT PROMOTION CEREMONY on Wednesday!  We will give you all detail on that after they pass.  If you have any questions please email or call (303) 402-9460.  

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