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21 Years of Living My Dream!

 in Boulder - Tran's Martial Arts And Fitness Center

Who would have known that this 10 year old refugee kid from Vietnam would be LIVING his DREAM in AMERICA.  This was me at 10 years old after winning my first place trophy at my first Martial Arts tournament.  I thought back then that was a big ACCOMPLISHMENT.  Today marks the 21 year ANNIVERSARY of Tran's Martial Arts & Fitness Center Boulder!  I GRATEFUL that 21 years ago as a young adult I took the leap of FAITH to open my dojo.  There were many CHALLENGING times both personally and professionally that I had to endure to keep the doors open over the years.  But it was my FAITH in GOD and my PURPOSE to help others be their best that kept be going when many would have quit.  I would ENCOURAGE anyone to follow their DREAMS and live the life they were meant to live.  I would also caution them that it will take COURAGE, MENTAL STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, PASSION, PURPOSE, SACRIFICE and a whole lotta HARD WORK to make that DREAM a reality!  The first thing you will see on the wall straight ahead when you walk through the front doors is “WELCOME to our FAMILY!”. One of the things I pride our dojo on over the years is that no matter who you are or where you come from we will EMBRACE you into our Martial Arts FAMILY.  On the front WALL of the main dojo is the quote “WALK by FAITH.” It’s a reminder to myself and hopefully to my students that you have to have FAITH that you can do anything you put your heart and soul into.  Time FLIES when you do what you are PASSIONATE about.  I've met so many WONDERFUL people over the years.  I can't IMAGINE doing anything else.  I HOPE in some small way that I've made a difference in all the people who have walked through the doors of Tran's Martial Arts in Boulder and in the community.  After 21 years I'm having more fun than ever!! I will continue to EMBRACE and overcome all the CHALLENGES that await me in the future!  I will continue to enjoy this JOURNEY called life!  That’s what a true Tran’s Martial Arts BLACK BELT does.  I want to thank GOD, my FAMILY, Team and STUDENTS for all their help and support over the years.  Cheers to 21 years and many more to come!! Ush! Live Your Best Life NOW!-Master Tran/

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