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Kids Martial Arts near Boulder

This place has changed my whole life for the better in a way I just can't put down in words. I was about 12 years old when I joined, and this Martial Arts school has helped lay the most stable foundations of my life now; honor, respect, kindness, faith, honesty, diligence, thoughtfulness, self discipline, and the ability to free my mind and body of stress when needed. If I hadn't been living so far away and moving around so often, I would have never left this school. I intend to re-join as soon as I possibly can. I've always thought to myself, "when I have kids, I want to send them to this school so they can learn the values I learned.


Kids Martial Arts near Boulder

Great staff! Excellent curriculum. This school is great for adults and children. To the pregnant lady and idiot husband (1-star review) that were mad at the Fitness Center because they were told it was safe to practice Muay Thai. Seriously, you need a doctor to tell you that you shouldn't be kicked in the belly? Come on, I'm sure the Tran's staff said you can workout and they'll make sure you don't go anywhere near any sparring or the like. Your MD naturally hears kick boxing and panics, of course he does since you left out what actually is involved during a training session. Good thing you didn't sue them? Another stupid comment? They should start locking up door knobs like you that threaten lawsuits for idiotic things. I bet you'd sue a fast food restaurant for serving coffee too hot (read the label!). Good thing for those commercials that have to read off a huge legal statement or they'd get sued by you because you really believed you can make millions at home on the internet by working only 2 hours a day. In sum, go give Tran's a try, they are really great people. They'll take care of you.


Kids Martial Arts near Boulder

Tran's Muay Thai is an awesome place to go to get in shape, continue to practice martial arts, or to just learn something new and exciting! This place feels like my home away from home. Everyone is very welcoming and fully support each other in class and/or outside of it. There is always something going on and everyone finds their little niche within the school! Thank you to all the instructors and fellow students for making this place excellent.


Kids Martial Arts near Boulder

I trained at Trans for 12 years of my life I appreciate the tough love that they gave me there it made me a better person and pushed me even harder to achieve my dreams of blackbelt and beyond.


Kids Martial Arts near Boulder

Thank you to my friend Lesa for getting me to Tran's Muay Thai Kickboxing! I have been coming since July 2014 and love it! I am now getting in the best shape of my life! Master Tran, Kru Logaville and all my team mates at the dojo keep me grounded , sane and loving life! They all inspire you to get better, be a better person and to be the best you can in life! A wonderful safe environment WITH OUT the crap that happens at a normal gym! Your missing it if you really want a great work out and much much more!


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