Voted ‘Best of Boulder 2024’ for Martial Arts

Awesome Team and coaches! TMA is great for developing mind, body and spirit.

Tim Bulk

Kru Allison and Kru Z have made such a welcoming and fun space for kids to learn martial arts, respect, and discipline. Our kid is so obsessed that she wants to go every day and even stays sometimes to watch the older kids because she can't wait to do what they do. The older kids that help with her class are deeply impressive with their skills and leadership, which is further testament to the environment they've created and their skill as coaches. Our littlest, who is too young to start, always wants to pop in to 'practice'. They're so encouraging to both our children, and we couldn't be more grateful!

I've also gone as an adult for a special women's only series and loved it!

Lauren Shuler

Joining the the TMA family has been one of the best decisions we've ever made. Our kids have truly found a second home at the dojo and true mentors in Kru Allison and Kru Z. We are grateful for their warmth, their kindness, their communication and for the genuine care and respect they have for our kids. It's been a remarkable and rewarding experience and we could not be happier. Thank you.

Noah Clark

I have only had positive experiences here! Sometimes joining a martial arts gym can be intimidating but they make everyone feel at home. Everyone is kind and willing to help you no matter your skill level. The instructors are awesome and you'll always get a great work out!

Maridith Stading

Tran's Martial Arts does a great job of teaching important life skills, building a family community and having fun. The Dojo is welcoming to all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. If you are thinking about trying a martial art or just want a new fitness challenge, you owe it to yourself to check out Tran's


My kiddos have been going to TMA Boulder for over a year now. It has been nothing but a blessing. Kru Z and Kru Allison are fantastic instructors and it's been a true pleasure sending my kids. Not only are they knowledgeable on the martial arts end of things but also, it's been nice to see them do some community building with the students in the way of summer squirt gun fights, holiday parties, costume days, community food drives and many other kind hearted actions. This is a good place ran by great people and I highly recommend Trans Martial Arts Boulder to anyone looking to build a solid martial arts foundation for their children. While I do not attend the adult classes I have met many of the students and I have noticed a great sense of community, humbleness and an overall accepting and enviting attitude.


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