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Family Spotlight The Scott Family

Family Spotlight The Scott Family

The Scott Family
For the past 5yrs the Scott Family have been a constant and important fixture here at Tran's. Mom has over come knee surgery and worked hard to earn her Black Belt here. Mr. Scott has over come adversity such as bullying in school and has grown into a confident Jr. Black Belt. Ms. Scott Jr. started in our Lil Dragons Program and is now a few belts away from earning her Jr. Black Belt. They have always been supportive of our program and a positive light to to others. Black Belt and Beyond.....Ush! -

In her own words:
"We have been part of the Trans family for six years. Trans has been a wonderful experience for both myself and my children. The program builds confidence, strength, and a strong sense of community. The friendships I have developed at Trans will last a lifetime. My son, now in high school, earned his student black belt about a year ago and is now determined to earn an adult black belt. He credits his success to the amazing Trans instructors - they push you to be your best while also being your biggest cheerleaders. My daughter (5th grade) is now a red belt. She feels empowered by the techniques and training that Trans has provided, and she looks forward to earning her black belt! I joined Trans once I recognized the great benefits Muay Thai training has done for my children. At 53 , I am stronger than I have ever been. My Trans journey included several health challenges - including a new ACL - and continues beyond my personal achievement of earning my black belt. Muay Thai will always be part of my life thanks to Trans Boulder." - Ms. Diane Scott

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