Voted 'Best Martial Arts Center' in the Yellow Scene Magazine - Best of the West 2023: Readers Choice

Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness 20 Year Anniversary!

Today marks the 20 year ANNIVERSARY of Tran's Martial Arts & Fitness Center Boulder!! I can't BELIEVE that I've been LIVING my DREAM for that long already. Time FLIES when you do what you are PASSIONATE about. I've met so many WONDERFUL people over the years. I can't IMAGINE doing anything else. It has taken a lot of SACRIFICE, HARD WORK, SWEAT, TEARS and PERSONAL BELIEF to get to where I am today and I wouldn't change it for anything! I remember many months where I didn't even know if I could pay the bills to keep the doors open. The thought of having to tell my students I can't help them reach their GOALS because I couldn't pay the bills MOTIVATED even more to make it work. Seeing my Daddy SACRIFICE and STRUGGLE to raise 5 kids on his own just so I can have the FREEDOM to have the OPPORTUNITY to LIVE my DREAMS was and still is my biggest INSPIRATION to SUCCEED. There is a quote in my main dojo wall that says "Walk by FAITH." I know there will be times when I'm going after my GOALS that the odds may seem insurmountable but it's my FAITH in GOD and myself that wills me to SUCCEED. I HOPE in some small way that I've made a difference in all the people who have walked in the doors of Tran's Martial Arts Boulder and the community to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE NOW! If a refugee kid from Vietnam can LIVE out his DREAMS so can you! Just BELIEVE, WORK YOUR BUTT OFF, SACRIFICE, PERSEVERE and stay HUMBLE and you too can make your DREAMS a reality! I want to thank GOD, my FAMILY and STUDENTS for all their help and support over the years. Who would have known when I opened the doors at Tran's Martial Arts Boulder that I would still be here enjoying it more than ever 20 years later. LIFE is short so every day go out and Live Your Best Life NOW! - VT/

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