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Congratulations Mr. Scott on your Black Belt!

Congratulations Mr. Scott on your Black Belt!

Our TRAN's MARTIAL ARTS FAMILY is super proud of Mr. Scott for earning his Adult Muay Thai Black Belt this past Saturday.  His 8 year journey started by earning his Junior Black Belt in our kids Muay Thai program.  He is a wonderful role model and assistant instructor in our kids program.   Take a moment and read his inspirational Black Belt Essay.  

PERSEVERANCE – by Will Scott
As a child, I was the shy quiet kid who never really knew how to make friends. In order to get away from the world and help build my self-esteem, I started getting involved in things outside of school. These things included theater, piano, and ultimately, Muay Thai. I started at Trans when I was about 8 years old. Being my usually quiet self, I never really spoke much other than when others spoke to me, but unlike my situation at school, this changed. My instructors encouraged and mentored me. My fellow students were there for me. Every day I felt like I was improving. When I passed my first belt test and got that yellow belt, I felt like I had finally accomplished something, and people cared. Soon after, I made myself a promise; no matter what, I will keep going. 9 years, a school change, and several life priority shifts later, I kept that promise. I now teach the Junior Muay Thai classes I was once a part of, bringing it full circle, as my experience has brought with it much knowledge. Trans taught me the value of others and their opinions and that no one deserves to be left out. I’ve learned to respect others and never abuse them for my own personal gain. I know that everyone has a story and every action has a purpose. I know what it takes to earn a black belt. I know what it takes to persevere. I know how far I have come and that I could not have done it alone.
​There are many people to thank along the way. Thank you to my ever-present family who has kept me focused on what is important…to Mr. Brady who willingly became my personal punching bag for a month or so and stayed my partner through the test…to Kru Logevall for letting me know how unprepared I was and promptly fixing it…to the Grace family for being there to support me from very early on…to everyone on the S.T.O.R.M. Team for motivating and encouraging me to be where I am…and to Master Tran for being there from the very beginning and always believing I could do it.
Also, thank you to anyone I haven’t mentioned. From those who I’ve known for a while, to those I just met; those who can no longer train at Trans, to those who just arrived. Thank you for all you have done. Everyone I have met in this story has played a part in my journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I promised myself I would keep going and I did.
Who says I have to stop now? Ush!!

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