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Six Pack September Ab Challenge!

Six Pack September Ab Challenge!

September Six Pack Ab Challenge Starts Monday September 11th and ends Saturday September 30th! This challenge is designed to help you build strong abs that will help you improve your Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Kickboxing technique. It's a personal challenge to also help you build healthy habits. Below are the details of the challenge.

1. From 9/11 - 9/30 (20 days)
2. 50 of the following ab exercises a day
- Toe Touches
- bicycles (every other 1 is 1)
- Leg Lifts
- Low Plank Twists (over and back is 1)

You can do them all at once or spread it out throughout the day. If you need to modify a exercise then add in a different ab exercise. By the end of the 20 day challenge you will have completed 4,000 reps of ab exercises!! You can do this! Nothing good comes easy but it becomes easy when you chunk it into small daily goals. For all those who complete the challenge we will do a prize drawing for a free Tran's top but the real lasting prize is stronger abs! See you all on the training floor.....Ush!

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